“Secret Mall’s in-studio banter alone was entertaining enough to keep me listening through the show’s last hour, but the songs that the band previewed were interesting, too. On “Yee,” the EP’s one-minute intro, a snatch of the film’s Italian dialogue is twisted into a rattling groove that Colon wraps with bass, snare, and buzz.” – Matthew Trammel for The New Yorker ( August 2017 )

“an unceasing curiosity about how to be uniquely fresh and meaningful at every event, perhaps prompting all involved—audience included—to dig into what music truly is about.” – Howard Mandel for Downbeat ( May 2018 )

“Jazz musicians have long mined contemporary popular culture to find new avenues of expression, whether Sonny Rollins’s inveterate exploration of hidden songbook gems, Miles Davis’s psychedelic fusions, or Brad Mehldau’s rhapsodic takes on Radiohead. Secret Mall—a young collective featuring Alfredo Colón on EWI, Edward Gavitt on guitar, Steve Williams on bass, and Andres Valbuena on drums—continues this tradition through their exploration of electronic music subgenres like Vaporwave and popular music more generally.” – David Austin for Jazz Speaks (July 2017)

“Interested in sourcing material from a wide variety of musical influences, the internet, and their own in-jokes, Secret Mall combines jazz, vaporwave, and friendship with aplomb, resulting in a band that you want to hear and one you want to hang out with.” – Hannah Judd for Jazz Speaks (November 2017)

Through mining different facets of internet culture and electronic music styles like vaporwave, Secret Mall has created a distinctive collection of compositions, both atmospheric and cinematic. – Kevin Laskey for Jazz Speaks ( March 2018 )


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